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About Me

Here's more than you probably want to know about me...

Heres a lil about me You know the Usual someone would like to know.

Name:Fred A.



City:High Point

State:North Carolina

Eye color:Brown

Hair Color:Brown

Height:5'2 or 5'3

Weight:107 lbs

Hobbies:Hanging out with my friends,going to the pool,going to the mall(I still do even without my parents,Rollerblading,playing football,and getting into trouble:p

Well thats all I think you Gotz to know!!

Favorite Stuff

Here are some of my Favorites I know its lame but I dont know what else to put!!

Favorite Color:Red & Blue

Favorite Movie:Fast and the Furious

Favorite Music:Almost everything except country

Favorite Book:I don't really read books but I like Goosbumps

Favorite Holiday:My B-day cause well its my b-day and cause
the next day is Halloween

Favorite Food:I like anything that tastes good so I dont really have a fav food

And I'll add more of my favs later!!

Favorite Quotes

Life's a Bitch then You end up Marrying one!