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Shout Outz

Here are sum shout outz to sum of my friends

Vanni:Sup man That was fun At the Movies That damn security guard scared me I dont want to get arrested!!I felt All screwed up after smoking that shit I aint smoking that shit again!!

Justin J:What Up IT sucks that I dont have u In any of my classes but I see U at home Alot anywayz

Meg G:Sup you A good friend!!

Melanie:Thanks for the site the jokes were funny and like I said you dont know me very well lol!!

Will H:Whats up man thanks for methoduz and that was fun staying over your house but It would had been better if justin could had gone!!

Alex:I want to get My Football Stuff!!!

Zach:Sup man That was fun at the mall too bad u had to leave early I left like An hour afterU but Vanni stayed Till 9:00

Kendall:You a Gr8 friend see u in P/e!!

Lindsay:DaMn I got u for 2 classes Or is it 3 Anywayz that kind of Sucks No offence!!!

Courtney:You better be lucky I dont have any of ur classes Or i would had anoyed u trough the whole year!!You still a good Friend!!

And I'll add more later when Im not tired of typing!!
Come back soon!!!